What is the HOETUS App?

To experience the true essence of India, one should travel its countryside. At every few hundred kilometers, you would hear a new story, witness a new culture, experience a new weather and make a new friend. This is a land of diversity, yet united by beauty of its essence.

HOETUS lets you explore the true essence of India by helping you choose to live at the homestays and Eco-stays of India, which are run by loving families. Where hospitality means to live as a family guest, to eat what is cooked at home, to soak into the beauty of rural India and to experience the varied culture and ethnicity.

Therefore, we at HOETUS are onboarding thousands of Homestays and Eco-stays across India to support them, help them reach a global platform where the world recognizes the beauty of eco-tourism in India.


HOETUS has been formed to uplift Indian Eco Tourism properties on a global platform through the HOETUS mobile app and our website www.hoetus.com.

Homestays and Eco-Stays are an integral part of the Eco Tourism sector and therefore we are on-boarding various Homestays and Eco-Stays across India to integrate them in an organized platform.

The HOETUS mobile application is a dedicated channel for all Travellers / Guests who would prefer to book eco-friendly properties and help to uplift small and marginal entrepreneurs of rural India.

Application Features

User Friendly Design

The design of the HOETUS application has been kept as simple as possible for both Guest and Host members.

Easy Hosting and Booking Management

Host members can easily host their properties to mention every small detail about their Homestay / Ecostay. Once the property is hosted, both online and offline bookings can be easily maintained through a single booking calendar

Easy Search

Guests can search from across various ecotourism properties listed across India, just by typing the location key words.

Per pax rates

To match the offline trend of the Homestays, the rates quoted on HOETUS are as per pax ( Per head/per night ).

User Friendly and Reliable Payment Gateway

Guest can safely book any hosted property using any preferred payment method through our trusted payment gateway partner Razorpay.

Special Discount for Members

In its endeavour to uplift Eco tourism, HOETUS facilitates Host Members to offer special discount for HOETUS Guest Members.


Together, let us uplift the Indian eco-tourism